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miRNA-126-3p Impacts Insulin Signaling in Smooth Muscle Cells.
Jeanie B. Tryggestad MD, Mary Ellen Jensen BS, and April M. Teague MS.


Geo-Mapping the Distribution of Type 2 vs Type 1 Diabetes and Rates of Poverty in Youth: A Single-Center Experience
E. Escaname, K. Jensen, M. Buck, H. Feazel-Orr, J.Lynch, S. Cavazos, G. Agha.


Pseudohypertriglyceridemia: A Novel Case with Important Clinical Implications
Ankur Rughani, MD, Kenneth Blick, MD, Monica Marin, MD, Jonathan Meyer, MD, Jeanie Tryggestad, MD



An Unusual Case of Metastatic Papillary Thyroid Cancer in a Twelve-Year-Old Boy – a Case Report
A. Marwa, MD, MPH and R Stewart, MD

Determinants of Bone Mineral Density in Transgender Children and Adolescents
Albara Marwa MD MPH FAAP, Madhusmita Misra MD MPH  and Ximena Lopez MD

Hypoglycemia Associated with Growth Hormone Deficiency in a Patient with Desbuquois Dysplasia Type
Maha Yousif, MD; Sudha Mootha, MD; Nivedita Patni, MD

A Novel ABCC8 Mutation in a Case of Juvenile Onset, Sulfonylurea-Responsive Monogenic Diabetes
B. Cartwright, MD, Ph.D. and M. Mogri, MD.

Improving glycemic control in teenage diabetics: Self-reporting blood sugars is not the answer
LC McHan, MS Bradley, L McHan, A Ramey, NW Naseem, AB Staley, KM Beaton, P Ravikumar, EQ Smith, S. Bansal, MD


Divergent Changes in Plasma Branched-Chain Amino Acid Concentrations and Insulin Resistance throughout Gestation
B.R. Allman, A. Andres, E.C.D. Fuentes, E. Børsheim


Cardiovascular disease risk factors and platelet mitochondrial function in school-age children
Eva C. Diaz M.D., Sean H. Adams, Catarina Young, Judith E. Weber, and Elisabet Børsheim

An Unusual case of gonadal chromosomal mosaicism leading to 46XY gonadal dysgenesis
S. Bansal, MD, S. Canon, MD, L. Hollenbach, MD, E. Sellars, MD


Assessment of cortisol levels after insulin administration during growth hormone stimulation testing.
Manish Raisingani, MD, Shipra Bansal MD.


Mitochondrial ATP Production is Increased in PBMC from Obese Insulin Resistant Children and Associated with Metabolic Dysfunction and Inflammation
Shannon Rose, Sirish C. Bennuri, Alexandria Beebe, Leanna M. Delhey, Elizabeth A. Guy, Grace Goode, Matthew Cotter, Oleksandra Pavliv Stepan Melnyk, and Eugenia Carvalho


Evaluating the Efficacy of a Standardized Protocol for Diagnosis and Management of Diabetes Insipidus in Pediatric Neurosurgical Patients
D. Mak, MD, A. Schaller, MD, S. Storgion, MD, A. Lahoti, MD


The Impact of Remote Patient Monitoring on Pediatric Patients with Diabetes
M. Katelyn Armstrong, MSN, FNP-C, CDE and Naznin Dixit, MD


Neonate with severe hyperinsulinism and marked genetic homozygosity including ABCC8
C. Kerr, G. Castano, S. Sandhu, J. Cantey, J. Lynch, E. Escaname, M. Maxwell, P. Thornton


A Prismatic Case of Multiple Pituitary Hormone Deficiency caused by PROP-1 Gene Mutation
Stella Huynh, BS, Diana Amaya Hellman, MD, and Minu Mathew George, MD


Effect of Obesity and Exercise Training on Serum micro-RNA-122, -130b and -155 in American Indian Adolescents
Diana S. Amaya Hellman, April M. Teague, Jennifer Q. Chadwick, Charlotte Coleman, Mary A. Tullier, Lisa Wolbert, David Thompson, Jeanie B. Tryggestad, Kenneth C. Copeland, Kevin R. Short.


Isolated Secondary Adrenal Insufficiency (SAI) Presenting as Severe Hypoglycemia
J. Bhat, MD, MPH, and P. Tieh, MD.

Preterm Twin With Transient Neonatal Diabetes Due To A Very Rare ABCC8 Mutation: Challenges In Diagnosis And Management

J Bhat, MD, MPH and R. Gomez, MD.


An Evidence-Based Interprofessional Intervention for the Treatment of Obesity in Children
L. Finger, APRN, DNP, CPNP-AC, M. Sothern, PhD, CEP, M. Blanco, Med, & A. Osborne


Developmental Outcomes in Patients with Hyperinsulinism.
Paul Thornton MD,  Lisa Truong CPNP,  Courtney Reynolds MPH, and Cortney Wolfe-Christensen.


Use and Variability of Lipoprotein (a) in a Pediatric Lipid Clinic
L Hamilton, MS, A de la Torre, MD, and DP Wilson, MD


Powdered Maltodextrin is More Cost-Effective than IV D20% solutions in the Treatment of Congenital Hyperinsulinism
Lisa Truong CPNP-AC, Courtney Reynolds MPH, Kathy O’Bryan MS RD LD, Lindsay Pyke RD LD, Erin Walkley RD, LD and Paul Thornton MD


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