At the PESTOLA 2022 posters will be presented in a Virtual Poster Hall, intended to provide each poster presenter the potential for a larger and more focused audience. 


Each poster presenter must:

  1. Register to attend the conference - click here - and use Promo Code ABSTRACT22 for complimentary registration.

  2. Provide a one-page Poster PDF that can be published as supplemental material to the abstract and a two-page summary.

  3. Submit a three-minute recorded presentation. (Optional)


Poster PDF Requirements

All poster presenters should provide a ONE-PAGE Poster PDF. 

  • Please remit your poster file(s) to PESTOLA through the SUBMISSION PORTAL below, no later than February 1, 2022.

  • Name your poster file using your presentation TITLE followed by your full name.


  • Please use the 180 cm x 90 cm horizontal template, shown on the right.

  • Download the PESTOLA PowerPoint Template - Click Here


All registrants will be able to access both your paper and your Poster PDF from your presentation listing on the PESTOLA website.



Optional Recorded Three-Minute Video

Poster presenters will be given the option to provide an optional three-minute video describing their poster. 

The three-minute video must include a PowerPoint as accompaniment, which is limited to no more than four slides. Each slide must have your final abstract TITLE and your last name.


No live presentations will be given.

Pre-record your presentation in Zoom.  

Screen Shot 2021-01-27 at 6.57.22 PM.png